Chariot Solutions is Hosting a Free, Women-Focused Comprehensive Dev Conference on October 18

A new one-day conference is coming to the Philadelphia tech scene this fall with a focus on women working in or around full-stack development.

software company Trolley Solutions‘ co-founder and CMO Tracey Welson Rossman is leading the initiative, intended to fill a very specific void the company has noticed in its Philadelphia Emerging Technologies Conference for the Enterprise (ETE).

“Some of the comments from ETE that we wanted to incorporate into this program were that there are more women who are more early in their careers,” Welson-Rossman said. “We are listening and we want to help women feel comfortable in an environment where they can improve their skills.”

The virtual conference, called Philadelphia Women in Tech, will be held on October 18 and is aimed at early and mid-career development technologists. Maybe they did some self-study or graduated from a development bootcamp, but are figuring out how to move on to the next part of their career, Welson-Rossman said. The day will serve as a guided tour of full-stack development with women in key industry development discussions.

The day starts at 8:45 with an introduction by Welson-Rossman, then jumps into a session on UX design principles. This is followed by a talk exploring current front-end trends and upcoming frameworks, followed by a session on “Modern Web Development Best Practices”. The afternoon will be spent talking about REST APIs and DevOps for developers. And the conference has local partners in HopeWorks, Philly Tech Sistas and Women who code.

The topic of the conference was chosen in part by Chariot’s own experience in finding developers. Although Welson-Rossman said they are often on the lookout for mobile developers, consultations with local bootcamps pointed them toward full-stack, one of the most popular certificates bootcamp graduates receive.

“A consultant I was talking to recently was switching from Ruby on Rails to Android and she said when you’re in software, you have to constantly learn,” Welson-Rossman said. “We want to be able to bring that experience to as many people as possible.”

The Chariot team aimed to make the content as accessible as possible, with free registration and a schedule that doesn’t take up a full working day. Welson-Rossman said she hopes employers see the conference as a free skills-building tool and encourage employees to attend for part or all of the day. While the company’s ETE conference is a “smorgasbord” — or wide-ranging tech-topic — this conference is meant to be a “theme meal” on full-stack development.

“Any event that we are responsible for, it’s important that people can walk away with information that they can use in their day-to-day work or to further their careers,” Welson-Rossman said.

Although the event is free, registration by October 16 is required.

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