Chandigarh MC polls: Garbage takes center stage as campaign draws to a close

The problems of garbage collection and waste treatment have become the main problem of the civic poll as the election campaign comes to an end on December 21 at 5 p.m.

The city goes to the polls on December 24.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Congress also raise other issues such as inflation, rising water tariffs, taxes and corruption, and the main BJP poll is “development.” , but it’s the city’s garbage problems that all three are shooting at. against each other the toughest.

The management of household waste also figures prominently in party manifestos. Congress and AAP promise to redo “Chandigarh No.1”, while BJP ensures complete garbage disposal from Dadumajra landfill and even promises garbage collection from all floors.

From the “illegalities” in setting up the solid waste treatment plant in Sector 25 to repeated fires at the Dadumajra landfill site to the “very expensive” contract for the disposal of the immense legacy waste, all have become. discussion topics for the parties.

Bad show in the cleanliness survey

Just a month ago, the city ranked low in the 2021 Swachh Survekshan National Rankings due to a poor waste collection and disposal system. The City Beautiful slipped to the 66th national position on the cleanliness front.

Announced so close to the impending elections of the municipal corporation of Chandigarh (MC), the ranking immediately sparked a brawl between Congress and the BJP.

Congress lambasted the BJP for its six years of “inaction” on the issue, making the problem worse. The BJP in turn claimed that the problem was the legacy of “maladministration and corrupt decisions”.

The AAP, although hammering both rival parties for the mess of the garbage dump, itself has been cornered by Congress and the BJP for its own “failure” to clean up the “mountains” of garbage in Delhi , where the AAP has been in power for almost six years.

All firearms

Attacked by both AAP and BJP, Congress upped the ante on the garbage issue after holding a press conference on the landfill on December 18.

Former MP Pawan Kumar Bansal and AICC General Secretary Randeep Singh Surjewala addressed the media with the Dadumajra dump in the background.

“If there was no exit clause, how did MC take over the plant. If the management of the factory by private enterprise was so bad, why did the BJP-led MC not give it any notice for all these years, ”congressional leaders asked.

The AAP has also failed in Delhi on the garbage management front, congressional leaders argued, so how could they resolve it here.

Solving the garbage problem in the city was the first pledge made by AAP chief and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal during his election rally in Sector 43 on December 19. “We will make Chandigarh the No. 1 city in Asia,” he said.

BJP executives maintained that Congress signed the deal with the company to set up the solid waste treatment plant without an “exit clause” and with “bad technology.” Defending itself, the BJP says it is on the verge of providing a solution to the legacy waste problem and upgrading the solid waste treatment plant, as nearly half of the legacy waste has been disposed of and remaining work has been accelerated.

The management of household waste figures prominently in the manifestos of the parties. (HT)

Congress has set up a dysfunctional solid waste treatment plant: AAP

Chandigarh Aam Aadmi party election campaign committee chairman Chander Mukhi Sharma on Monday accused Congress of setting up a “dysfunctional” solid waste treatment plant in Sector 25.

Addressing a press conference here on Monday, Sharma alleged that former Member of Parliament (MP) Pawan Kumar Bansal fought for a private company to establish the solid waste treatment plant during a debate of the MC. “Later the contract went to the same company,” Sharma said, citing the minutes of the MC House debate, when the statement was reportedly made.

HT was unable to verify the authenticity of the documents.

The controversial solid waste treatment plant was taken over by MC in 2020 due to the company’s non-performance and breach of contract terms.

Sharma claimed that an investigative committee led by him found that the company had failed to install the machines it had promised for the project as part of its detailed project report (DPR). “This is the reason why the company could not process the promised amount of waste,” he said.

The committee was formed in 2009 to examine the establishment of the plant and its operation.

Sharma also attacked the BJP for failing to act on the findings of the commission of inquiry. “They are only exploiting the problem for their own purposes and have not acted for the past six years when they were in power,” Sharma said.

Bansal could not be contacted for comment.

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