Carl Sheline: Lewiston must reinvent programs for seniors


Lewiston needs city-led recreation opportunities for people of all ages, including the elderly.

After having had many conversations and listening to residents, I believe it is time to take a holistic approach. The Bingo evening certainly has its place, but what other programming is possible?

Can we put older people in touch with volunteer opportunities in the city, for example, in the library or in the school department? Could seniors be recruited to help in local ballot elections? Maybe we could have some outdoor recreation opportunities like a lunch in a city park or a walking tour?

While there are many efforts and organizations that provide recreation for older people in the city, the city is in a unique position to take the lead. If I am elected mayor, I intend to start a community conversation about what senior recreation means here, and from that, create a plan to move forward.

The end result will be an engaged senior demographic that will benefit the entire city.

Carl Sheline, Lewiston

Editor’s Note: Carl Sheline is running for mayor of Lewiston.

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