Can you perform upgrades on a laptop?

A laptop is considered one of the long term investments because no one wants to change their laptop after every short period. Plus, your laptop has all of your business and personal data, including your special memories that you can’t afford to lose.

Some people think their laptop has enough specs and won’t affect the longevity of their laptop. On the other hand, some want to have improvements in some particular specifications of their laptop. For such people, there are a wide variety of upgradeable laptops available in the market.

Inexpensive Scalable Laptop:

Apart from this upgradeable laptop, it is not only a thing for high end laptops, it is also available in affordable and cheap laptops. The important thing that you need to understand is that not all laptops are upgradeable and only some of them have such an advancement.

Hence, you should check whether your laptop is upgradeable or not when purchasing.

Scalable components:

A laptop is made up of many hardware components, and not all of these components are scalable. There are only a few that can be replaced and upgraded as needed. Apart from that, every laptop has its combination of upgradeable components.

There are some components that are typically upgradeable in laptops, including:


RAM and hard drive




The battery is one of the easiest components in the laptop to upgrade because you can easily replace them using common tools within 15-20 minutes.

However, some laptops require special tools or adhesives for battery replacement and you can easily take advantage of them.

RAM and hard drive:

Almost all the cheap scalable laptops include upgrade option for RAM and hard drive. To do this, you just need to make sure that your laptop has an average built-in RAM and hard drive.

It should be in the range of 4GB to 8GB and 128GB to 512GB respectively instead of 32GB of RAM and 1TB of hard drive storage.

Such limitations will give you plenty of room for a laptop with upgradeable RAM and you can easily replace them as needed.


A processor is known as the brain and heart of any computer. It is the most difficult component that can be upgraded to your laptop because it requires a lot of skill.

Replacing a processor means replacing the processing power of a laptop, proving that this is simply a high-risk job and upgrading can go wrong.

According to many computer experts, you should buy a new laptop instead of wasting your time and investment in upgrading the processor.


In addition to wanting a laptop with upgradeable RAM people also want to have a laptop with scalable graphics card options. A graphics card is initially built into the laptop and works by using the processor and RAM for performance.

People mainly respond to the need to upgrade the processor when they want to play heavy games and have problems with the previous ones.

There are a wide variety of graphics cards available with various capacities, including gaming and multimedia, so you can choose the GPU you want based on your needs.

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