Briarcliff high school students perform well in programming competition


Mr. Lo and the Briarcliff A team

Although they have never entered a programming competition before, several students from Briarcliff High School won third place in the College of Siena programming competition, while the rest of Briarcliff’s students placed in the top 10.

The competition is usually held at the college itself, located near Albany, but this year the competition was held remotely.

“We were able to organize our part of the competition at Briarcliff High School,” said a computer and math teacher. Christophe Lo.

A total of 11 high school students entered the competition – all with no previous programming competition experience – and were split into three teams (Briacliff-A, Briarcliff-B and Briarcliff-C). The three teams faced each other in the green level.

“Green level programming tasks are for students enrolled in their first programming classes,” Lo explained. “The students were given seven programming tasks to complete within two and a half hours. They worked collaboratively and enjoyed a few refreshments between problem-solving.

Briarcliff Programmers

Beginner programmers have triumphed; all three Briarcliff teams scored in the top 10 on the scoreboard, out of 30 teams that competed in the green level. In addition, the Briarcliff-A team won 3rd place (tied with another school).

Mr. Lo was very happy with the results and was happy to share the news with the rest of the school and the community.

“We will receive a trophy in the mail within the next week,” he said.

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