Blackbird announces the very first educational version of JavaScript


PORTLAND, Oregon., May 12, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Blackbird today announced the official release of the first educational version of JavaScript. Blackbird’s educational version of JavaScript, for the first time, enables college students and teachers to learn to code – and forms the basis of Blackbird’s online system for college-oriented code education.

“Traditionally, code teaching systems have used unmodified programming languages. These are engineering tools and are very hostile to beginners,” said Ness Blackbird, co-founder of Blackbird. “Our educational version of JavaScript allows college students and teachers to learn real-world coding skills in an educational and supportive environment, while having fun creating their own games and animations.”

“Not all students will grow up to be a software developer, but knowing how computers ‘think’ and how to logically solve a problem by breaking it down into steps are skills every student will need in the workforce. modern work ”, declared Gordon arnold, computer science teacher at the University of Texas at Dallas. “Educational versions of programming languages, such as Blackbird, seek to meet this need by providing an environment where students can learn coding concepts in a straightforward manner, with immediate constructive feedback, enabling them to learn to a pace suitable for the student, and in a pleasant manner. “

Now in use at coding colleges and academies across the country, Blackbird has been designed from the ground up to bridge the college gap in teaching coding – in a fun and engaging platform that can be administered by teachers, non-technical and technically trained instructors. and the parents. Blackbird’s curriculum guides students through coding lessons aligned with standards identified in Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and English – as well as Computer Science Standards. of the Computer Science Teachers Association. Blackbird’s built-in LMS makes it easy for instructors to track student progress, review code, and provide direct feedback.

Blackbird Educational JavaScript:

  • First educational version of a standard programming language
  • Fully functional version of JavaScript optimized for education rather than engineering
  • Built-in explanations provide real-time help for student errors, replacing cryptic error messages
  • Includes a user-friendly debugger to help students locate and correct errors
  • Allows college students to learn coding

Blackbird Educational Platform:

  • Bridging the CS gap in middle school between graphic education for elementary school students and engineering tools in high school classrooms
  • Can be administered by all instructors and parents – regardless of technical expertise
  • Integrated Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Certified pedagogical quality
  • First three steps (42 lessons) offered free of charge
  • Alignment with the Core Curriculum, Next Generation Science and CSTA Learning Standards

Price and availability:
The Blackbird educational platform is now open to students, parents and instructors. Blackbird begins with a free, foundational section with additional advanced lessons available through a simple and affordable pricing structure that includes full support and professional development. For more information, visit Blackbird on the web at

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