‘Bhai-Lang’ is a JavaScript-based programming language built by two Indian ‘Bros’

A new programming language is in town. The “Bhai-lang” toy programming language was written in Typescript and makes programming much more fun.


What is bhai lang?

“Bhai” is a Hindi word for brother. To use the language, users must write “hi bhai” as the entry point code while everything must end with “bye bhai”. All code written inside these tags will be valid while anything outside will be ignored.

To declare variables, programmers would be required to use “bhai ye hai”. Different values ​​and functions can be assigned to the variables according to the requirements of the programmer. Javascript has never seemed so simple!


On the “Bhai-lang” GitHub page, a user can see the entire directory explaining how to use built-ins, conditions, and loops when programming in the experimental JavaScript program.

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Created by two engineers

The new Javascript library was created by Rishabh Tripathi and Aniket Singh, both software development engineers at Groww and Amazon respectively. The toy programming language can be accessed on its website – bhailang.js.org and its source code can be viewed here.


On the website’s playground feature, users can play with code to perform commands and tasks using Bhai-lang. Bros inspired language mocks conversations between bros with signifiers like “jab tak bhai”, “bol bhai”, etc. According to its creators, language is the result of an inner joke.

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