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Bedly is the millennial answer to the questionable years we spent looking on Craigslist for a suitable short-term living space or a roommate who does not have the outward personality of a serial killer who also collects the Beanie Babies who have been in domestic fires. Bedly, currently active in densely populated centers of Boston, Jersey City and New York, allows users to rent a room in an apartment for a fixed term or monthly rate. The differences between Bedly and classic Craigslist search are similar to the differences between buying a pound of meat for lunch at a local deli and finding a pound of meat for lunch behind the dumpster at that same deli.

Founded by Marting Greenberg and Benjamin Chester with funding of $ 2.7 million, Bedly wants to create the kind of freedom of movement offered by companies like AirBnb. While Bedly does not offer short-term vacation rentals, the company has set itself up to foster an affordable and convenient system for finding accommodation when you don’t have immediate roommate options and the move. is as painful in the back as the rest of us. In this independent economy, where many people live on contract to contract, the minimalist mindset and the ability to move into a furnished apartment can be an attractive selling point.

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Of course, cost is one of the issues with moving. Bedly offers pre-furnished apartments, and the $ 100 monthly fee includes utilities, Wi-Fi, twice-monthly housekeeping, customer service, and the convenience of not worrying about furnishing another apartment. the deposit for such a move would be $ 500 (which is a lot less than the first, last and security most apartments ask for) and the monthly rent itself is competitive in the market. Of course, you pay for a room and access to common areas, so you don’t get an entire apartment for yourself. But let’s be honest, you don’t need an entire apartment for yourself. You just need a place to lean over three monitors while you strike a six-month coding deal and a kitchen to store your ramen and a two-gallon jug of peanut butter.

Bedly, aside from not requiring a credit check (but absolutely requiring a background check, you weird) offers pretty reasonable prices considering the metro areas where it’s available. This Female only room in a three bedroom in Crown Heights looks central as well as a CCTV system for $ 1476 per month. The longer you commit, the lower this monthly cost will be. For example, this particular apartment drops to $ 1,240 per month if your stay is longer than five months. This of course includes all utilities. This Upper-East Side the apartment is on Bedly for $ 1571 per month. A bedroom in this Boston North End apartment rolls for $ 1,448 per month if you move within the specified range. The issue of no credit check is huge, as many young people who move to cities do not yet have the credit to be considered good or bad. Plus, no shady owners.

All Bedly apartments are approved, cleaned and furnished apartments. You have a business running it, and it’s not a situation where you just wait for the owner to fuck you. This is end-to-end accommodation, you only deal with Bedly. No craigslist, no slumlords and offers access to big city living without having to suck your parents’ teeth while paying way too much to live in a one bedroom studio that was once multiple crime scenes for way too much money. This is not the exact experience of the founders, but the cost of moving to a big city was certainly a determining factor in the creation of Bedly.

“When I moved to New York City, I had a terrible housing experience where everything from the search process to finding roommates to the interview was terrible,” says Greenberg. “I realized early on that there were a lot of other people going through the exact same struggle and that there was an opportunity to build a whole new housing service that doesn’t exist today. We launched Bedly with the mission of creating housing. simple and pleasant. Imagine a world where there is a service that makes housing as easy as getting an Uber. No more worries about brokers, furniture, roommates, utilities or cleaning. This is the future of housing and this is how millions of people will live in the future. “

We live in an app-driven world now, there’s no reason to think something like Bedly wouldn’t actually change the way millions of us live. Sure, it takes a minimalist lifestyle (that means no attachment to furniture, which might piss off some baby boomers like my parents) but the truth is, a simpler life in that sense might be healthy for you. we. Bedly gives users everything they need to move in, in addition to the work of driving the move and the drive to make that change and get into big city life. In addition, with Bedly, you’ll never have to worry about ending up with a Craigslist roommate who never pays rent on time and builds a meth lab in the master bathroom.

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