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Have you ever started your day with ice cream? It’s not something I’ve tried before, but when I came to Artisan Ice Cream to meet owners Richard and Paula Westcott one morning, they quickly brainwashed me into their practice. Their son Jack is 1.5 years old and already a big ice cream lover. A vanilla soda cream float may fit more easily into your morning routine than you might think.

“When we were looking at the opening hours, I was like ‘Do people eat ice cream for breakfast?’ and I thought, ‘Well, yeah,’ ”said Paula, holding Jack on her hip as she told me about her craft store.

“I’ve always wanted to open an ice cream shop since I was little. This is what I wanted to do when I grew up. Richard and I both loved ice cream. When we first met we always wanted to start a business together and we wanted to move to Maui. The lady who ran her business there was leaving, and I wanted to work on a partnership with my parents at Café Des Amis, so it all fell into place.

Artisan Ice Cream opened on May 1 right next to Café Des Amis in Pa’ia. The shop is cute, just a small slice of space big enough to feature two cases full of ice cream flavors, and the incredibly tempting smell of baking waffle cones. You can pick up balls here and eat them in the courtyard of Café Des Amis next door.

Before the ice cream shop we lived in London, I was a CPA and Paula was in public relations, ”says Richard. “So we had the business side, but we just weren’t in the ice cream business. It took a while for the county to approve us. We had to change this space from a store to a catering establishment and it took a while.

“But we ate a lot of ice cream! Paula said. “We spent two years experimenting with recipes.

Their experiments resulted in the 12 flavors of Artisanal and vegan ice creams made every day in small quantities, with a range of traditional and original flavors. Dairy scoops use organic milk and cream, organic cane sugar, and organic egg yolks. Vegan balls are made from coconut milk, coconut cream and organic cane sugar. They also make fresh waffle cones and offer homemade shakes, sundaes, and sodas.

“The vegan flavors are based on a long recipe that we have devised ourselves. It starts with coconut milk and coconut cream and organic cane sugar, then the flavors, ”says Rich. “We make it in the same machine as dairy ice cream. The most popular vegan flavor is cookies and mana cream. In our vegan flavors, coconut milk and coconut cream are not organic, but sugar is. For vegans, sugar was the most critical ingredient in being organic. White sugar can sometimes be bleached with bone charcoal. “

“We are working on a paleo option, a sugar-free version and a mango sorbet,” explains Paula. “We have a lot of mangoes in our garden right now. We have eight dairy flavors and four vegan flavors in the store at the moment. It’s about finding that balance between keeping the favorites and being able to mix them up a bit too. “

Artisan Ice Cream is open from 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day. Their homemade ice cream is a magnificent treat. When you eat ice cream this fresh, it puts your pre-made supermarket counterparts to shame. Come see what flavors are in rotation. For more information follow them on instagram @artisanicecreampaia or

Paia artisanal ice cream

40 Baldwin Avenue,

Paia, HI 96779

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