Angela Scanlon delighted with the arrival of her second baby



TV presenter Angela Scanlon spoke about the arrival of her second child and says her three-and-a-half-year-old daughter Ruby insists she only wants a little sister.

Speaking on Friday night Late show, Angela said, “I’m having a baby. Number two! I’m feeling fine, a little tired right now but generally fine.

“I’m excited. I’m one of four, so we always hoped we’d have, not four, but one more and our daughter was canvassing.”

Angela and Oliver Callan take part in an unexpected game show

However, Ruby, who she’s had with her husband for seven years, Cork man Roy Horgan, says she will only be satisfied with one thing. “She keeps asking if she’s going to have a little sister,” Angela said.

“We say it might be a boy but no, no – it’s a little sister only because her friend has a little sister, and she has a lot of boyfriends who have little siblings and she gets married. feels utterly irrelevant. “

The family, who lived in north London, returned to Ireland six weeks ago when Angela started working on her new show RTÉ. Ask me anything, which begins October 23.

“It was lovely. Ruby went out with my parents and all of Cork’s nieces and nephews. It was really nice because the last few years we haven’t had the luxury of coming back like so many people, so when the opportunity presented itself, we decided to back down. “

Asked about the new show, she replied, “What is it? It’s an entertainment show, it has to be fun and light. It’s an escape. I feel more nervous about it. than anything I’ve done in my life and I’m also keenly aware that people will say ‘you are shit’.

“The reality is, it’s happening now in just a week. We’ve been working really hard on it, so who knows how it’s going to go. I hope it goes well. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.”

Ask Me Anything starts October 23

The former Irish dancer and journalist, originally from County Meath, began her television career hosting a number of shows on RTÉ, including the documentary Oh ginger! in 2014.

After working on fashion shows Xposé and Off the rails for RTÉ and on Channel 4 Sunday brunch, Scanlon then joined RTÉ The cinema show.

In 2016, she started as a reporter on The only show on BBC television, and featured in Alex Jones’ absence and landed her first role on a major UK show as co-host of Robot wars with Dara Ó Briain in 2016.

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Angela was applauded for standing up to her detractors on social media and for speaking out about how she deals with trolls online, she said: “Oh, your hair is messy” and most of the time. time i try to be a bigger person but sometimes i am not in the mood.

“I think if you give it away you should be able to take it, but I also think it’s positive that if a pervert in his jocks in his bedroom isn’t in my dress then I did the right thing . “


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