Abendroth Fortel Launches Fundamental Data Commodity Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

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SINGAPORE, October 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Abendroth Castlea leading financial services advisor and reputable commodity broker aiming to provide its clients with a range of investment opportunities in the commodities markets, today announced the disclosure of the fundamental content of commodities to from analysis through the updated development platform, which allows clients to instantly access the database of commodity markets and their fundamentals.

The stream market events have influenced traditional methods of business management, including commodity markets, which means setting fundamental commodity data from Abendroth Fortel analytics opens up the continued use of APIs. This is the first step on a long journey to bring business analytics basic commodity insights and data directly into customer steering systems and quantitative models, which will help accurately interpret trends from large amounts of data.

There are several factors that determine market users find it convenient to respond quickly to various changes in market circumstances. Continuous digitalization, artificial intelligence and the accessibility of big data facilitate business models. The new development platform includes data experts ready to harness the power of data by being able to insert big data and insights directly into original systems and confidential data models. The fundamental commodity content analysis that creates the new API offering involves the enterprise commodity inventory.

“The Development Platform represents a central part of our vision to power the commodity markets of the future by developing skills for our clients through the application of digital technologies. In addition, we use a market-based approach that shows business participants how to deal with various challenges and helps them make compelling decisions,” said Chan Tze Yansenior editor, editorial entry by Abendroth Fortel.

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