13 Car and Auto Parts Dealer Franchise Opportunities


Auto and parts dealership franchising opportunities are among the most promising business niches available today. According to a recent ADP report, auto parts and dealerships were second to restaurants as best franchises that create jobs in the nation.

Here is a list of some of the best auto parts franchise and auto dealership franchise opportunities that entrepreneurs can consider.

If you’re interested in or already own an independent auto parts store or car dealership, partnering with a franchise could help you increase sales, increase inventory, and help with your advertising and customer base.

A list of auto and parts dealership franchise opportunities


Millions of motorists and car enthusiasts trust the Midas touch when it comes to working on their vehicles. And they’ve been doing it for generations.

Midas says a new 8-bay garage franchise location could cost a contractor up to $ 424,000, but existing garages looking to convert to a Midas store can do so for as little as around $ 75,000.



PANA touts his “no franchise fees” as a great reason to join his team and become a store owner.

The company says it has a 10-step process for approving a new NAPA auto parts franchise store and that potential investors should have around $ 75,000 to $ 100,000 by the time they begin the process. request.

A successful NAPA candidate may open their new store approximately three to six months after applying.

Powerful auto parts


Mighty Auto Parts says franchise business opportunities exist under its brand for a variety of auto industry entrepreneurs.

These include professionals such as tire dealers, service shop specialists, oil distributors, traditional car dealers, and wholesale distributors.

The Mighty Auto Parts website includes a map that shows available franchise territories by state.

Big O tires

Large O tires

Tires are a necessary recurring purchase for any automobile owner and Big O tires has 400 franchise locations in 19 states.

But tires are only part of the business for a Big O Tires location owner. The company says 40 percent of a store’s sales come from other auto maintenance needs, such as basic repairs.

The company claims that about 25 percent of Big O Tires locations generate more than $ 2 million in sales.



It is one of the most recognizable names in the auto industry and its franchises offer a full range of services, including full repairs.

Meineke is looking for franchise business owners, even those with no automotive experience. And the company has announced incentives for owners who open multiple locations.

An initial franchise fee of $ 30,000 is required and owners must have cash flow of at least $ 110,000.



AAMCO is one of the leading names in transmission sales and repair. He also has one of the most memorable jingles in advertising history:

“Double-A (beep-beep) MCO”

The company says a franchise owner will need to invest up to $ 330,000 in their location, including an upfront franchise fee of $ 39,500.

JD Byrider

Jumper JD

This company claims that it is the largest finance and used car company in the country. JD Byrider combines sales and financing in the same operation and claims to give the franchise owner the ability to determine who is eligible to buy a car.

The company claims this gives the franchise owner full control over their business.

Franchises within the company cost $ 50,000 for the first location and $ 35,000 for additional locations. Owners must have at least $ 1 million in liquid capital and contribute $ 1,500 per month to contribute to the company’s advertising fund.



Some rims cost more than a modest used car, but that doesn’t stop a lot of vehicle enthusiasts.

Rimtyme locations are popular in the southern United States right now, but have grown. The number of store locations has increased by about 25 percent over the past year.

In addition to rims, Rimtyme locations sell custom tires. And the company attracts customers with a no credit check policy.

Snap-in tools


Snap-in is a go-to name for auto mechanics looking for quality tools to help them do their jobs.

The company offers financing to future qualified franchise owners and a rebate of $ 20,000 is available on the initial franchise investment for US Army veterans.

There are over 4,600 Snap-on franchise owners operating worldwide today.


rent a wreck

Rent-A-Wreck is a unique car rental company operating in the United States and the Scandinavian countries. The company says its unique selection of used rental vehicles allows it to offer very competitive rental rates.

Additionally, the company claims that none of the franchise stores opened in the past five years have closed.

Matco Tools

matco tools

Matco is a direct competitor of Snap-On. The company sells tools to auto mechanics, and franchise owners drive a route.

Truck drivers with Matco have the guarantee of more than 300 potential customers in an exclusive geographical area.

The company says initial investments of up to $ 80,000 can get a successful franchise owner started. Matco offers financing options on the initial installation and also on a delivery truck.

Economy car sales

fuel-efficient car sales

New independent used car dealerships are apparently opening every day. However, there are also opportunities to offer a product backed by a national company, such as Thrifty Car Sales.

All Thrifty used cars are certified by the company before they are put on sale. This should reassure resellers who prefer not to sell lemon.


Mechanic provides preventive maintenance and light mechanical repair services. The company also has Monkey Shine as part of the franchise which provides exterior vehicle maintenance services with automatic car washes in the bay, express tunnels and self-service car washes.

Franchise opportunities can be obtained with a start-up cost ranging from $ 156,695 to $ 342,850.

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